Crypto Asset Visualizer Turns Your Bitcoin into A Visible Cash

Crypto Asset Visualizer

Finally we can now view the value of our crypto-currencies from anywhere in and within our country, using the newly produced :CAV, or Crypto Asset Visualizer, does exactly what it sounds like – it makes it easier to visualize your cryptocurrency holdings.

Using augmented reality, CAV calculates the USD value of your crypto holdings, then displays a virtual pile of cash on the ground in front of you. Right now it’s a demo – and doesn’t show real-time exchange rates or balances, but it’s a pretty cool proof of concept:

It does show five different cryptocurrencies – BTC, LTC, XRP, XVG and IXT. Users see a cash pile that equals their entire portfolio, or can tap on a section of the pie chart to just see one cryptocurrency converted to USD. There’s also a slider that adjusts your holdings over time – letting you literally watch your cash pile grow (or shrink, if you’re a bad trader).

The tool was built by Hiroyuki Ishiwata using Android’s ARCore and Unity. ARCore maps the pile of cash to the ground, so you can see it from all angles and even up close. Ishiwata said he created CAV because the plethora of different cryptocurrencies today makes it hard for people to visualize their holdings in dollars. While this is just a demo, Ishiwata may potentially add real-time exchange rates and balances and publish it to the App Store.


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