The Rise And Fall Of Condom;

Condom Is Not Reliable For HIV/AIDS Prevention

This topic is necessary, especially for those of us who do not know our stand and are still despairing. I before i go further it is pertinent that we know about the subject matter

First condom is a product from rubber latex which a man or male wears in the penis before sexual intercourse takes place.

HIV(human immunodeficiency virus)  stands for a very small germ(virus) which causes AIDS(acquired immune deficiency syndrome). This disease does not show in the face , so it is difficult to know if a person is infected. It can affect anybody regardless of your sex, without regards for their status in life; men, women, boys, girls, the rich, the poor, the educated, the uneducated and even the unborn child.

The disease HIV/AIDS can be transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse, circumcision, genital sore, infected blood during blood transfusion, sharing of unsterilized clipper or sharing of knives, piercing needles(injection), and lastly from an infected mother to infant.

Furthermore i will say condom cannot prevent HIV/AIDS due to the following facts which i will pen down for you all to read and reason on critically for a better way to curb the rampaging effect of the killer disease. Chemically weather you believe it or not you will agree with me that condom is a product rubber latex. And you can go to any rubber (chemicals) industry and ask them about the porosity of rubber product; condom is not an exception.i will like to tell you that this objects of HIV/AIDS protection is porous. The porosity of condom is about 5 micros which is an equivalent of 0.00002 inches. It therefore means that its porosity is ten times smaller than sperm.

AIDS particularly is 0.1microns (4 millionth of an inch). Since HIV/AIDS is fifty times smaller than the voids inherent, the virus can readily pass through the pores. This accounts for why advertise say that condom reduces the risk of contacting HIV/AIDS but not preventing it. So why waste time? Modernization is driving us into so many things which contradict our faith. During  sexual intercourse with condoms, you will also be convinced that this so much adored products cracks due to heat or force been exerted by the two bodies in contact. What about the clitoral region which sometimes, due to arousal becomes stiff? It is crucial to note that the male penis can enter into condom only when it is hard. Believe me that during insertion and exertion by the involved bodies, the to and fro movement of the hips (waist) by the male might be very hard on opposite thereby causing crack/fault which during arousal and ejaculation gives way for the emission of certain gales and STDs are passed to the other partner (the male semen goes into the female genital) and also allow some materials to enter into the male after orgasm.

Before i conclude, it will be of importance to note that every drop of semen contains about 1000000 sperms. We are not God and so, we will not be foresighted to know which one will fertilize the female egg. So if you are not married you don’t need to start sex. The slogan that says “with condom, I dey kampe” deceives a lot of us. The public IS repeatedly told that nationwide sex education and the provision of contraceptive such as condom, etc to teenager are justified by the need to bring down the number of unwanted pregnancies but it could be said that the whole exercise has been colossal failure. Illegitimate material and abortions among teenagers have increased tremendously, STDs are spreading rapidly. What is the aim of sex?

To conclude i will conveniently tell you that condom which happens to be among the contraceptive have not been effective in stopping unwanted pregnancies, let alone the searing pandemonium.

To the youth, without course for alarm, you will see that instead of curbing the disease, it is even increasing everyday. Do not be tricked into commercial that the bible in the book of exodus chapter 20 verse 13-14 says you shall not kill and also not commit adultery. Using of condom is a way of abortion because you don’t know which sperm will fertilize.

Sleeping with another woman or man outside matrimony is adulterous. To my youth, chastity is the only weapon against HIV/AIDS. That is essence means that abstinence is the only weapon against HIV/AIDS. Zip up!!!

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