Download Nigeria Immigration Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers

Nigeria Immigration Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers- Did you apply for Nis Recruitment  2017?

In this post, we will cover Nigeria Immigration Service Jobs Past Questions & Answers, and format of the questions and outlines for the test to help you prepare effectively to write the test.

Format of Past NIS Recruitment Aptitude Test Questions

The Nigeria Immigration Aptitude Test Questions covers three major areas and they include;

i.English language
ii. Mathematics
iii. Current Affair

English language: This questions usually consist of GMAT formats which include; opposite in meaning, nearest in meaning and filling the gap. There are usually 50 questions in all.

Mathematics: These are GMAT types of question, which consist of percentage, ratio, simple interest, sets, probability, sets, statistics, conversions, simple and compound interest, age and work, area and volumes, profits and loss e.t.c. In all, there are usually 40 questions to answer.

Current Affair: This question usually covers a wide range, such as the history of Nigeria, Nigeria current affair, all about Nigeria Immigration Service, World organizations such as OPEC, UN, ECOWAS, OAU as well as knowledge of information technology e.t.c. In all, there are usually 50 questions.

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