Top Ranking Courses That Are Prone To Unemployment In Nigeria

Welcome, here are some big courses with a potential of rendering those who studied it into a state of regrets.They are big courses. There names sound good to the hearing. But are these big courses really what they claim to be?. Or are their other courses or profession competing with them.? Let take a look at them in MY top 5 listings below.

1) PETROLEUM ENGINEERING: This is a very big course to many. And a lot of people who study this course are potential workers at the oil refineries and oil companies. But after these places where can a petroleum engineer work? Absolute no where! Apart for the fact that these graduates compete with graduates of other engineering courses for the limited vacancies they are equally likely to be ignored since it is a restricted course. Chemical engineering which encompasses major chemistry of engineering including Petroleum engineering are great of these people. It means if a petroleum engineer is unable to get a place in the oil industry or oil company. It may become virtually impossible to get any other job due to its nature of restriction.

2) MASS COMMUNICATION: This course also sound so good but apart from the fact they are only resticted to only the mass media, graduates of English language and other related fields are also strong competitors of these people.

3) BANKING AND FINANCE: This course also sound so beautiful and it can easily attract the.mind of Jamb candidates into studying it. But the fact is that the banking sector is a very open sector to virtually any graduates even the science students and yoruba graduates. So at this time, your been a graduate of Banking and finance won’t matter at all. The worst is that you are likely not going to get any Job outside the Banking sector.

4) INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: Everyone want to be an international man but does the course really profess the name it bears?

5) MEDICAL BIOCHEMISTRY: Even biochemists are highly respected not to talk of a whole Medical Bichemist. But the fact is Medical biochemistry is under Bichemistry and as a result a restricted course. So they are likely to depend only in the hospital for a job. But sadly, graduates of Medical laboratory science have taken over most of their hospitals and likely to be a great competitor or combater of these set of people.

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